Art with Nature – in Chelsea

Chelsea is hotbed of artistry. Galleries and respective exhibits are a big part of the neighborhood. 

There are a number of appealing art experiences on now that combine culture and nature:

Need to disconnect in the big city – in greenery?

Even when in parks, we still have our phone and feel tethered to email, social media, and texts.

Leila Heller Gallery‘s “NDD Immersion Room” aims to address that with an indoor forest that you have to enter on your own – sans phone.

This is the first part of Rachel Lee Hovnanian’s​ 3-part series, “The Women’s Trilogy Project“.

Take a walk along the High Line park for a mural celebrating inclusiveness.

Artist Dorothy Iannone’s mural “features three colorful Statues of Liberty. Between them runs the words, ‘I Lift My Lamp Beside the Golden Door,’ which is the final line from Emma Lazarus’s poem ‘The New Colossus,’ the ode to the freedom promised by immigration to America engraved on a bronze plaque mounted inside the statue at Liberty Island.”

Dorothy Iannone's "I Lift My Lamp Beside the Golden Door" - on the High Line (Photo from

Dorothy Iannone’s “I Lift My Lamp Beside the Golden Door” – on the High Line (Photo from


And, at Agora Gallery, there’s the exhibit, “Encounters: Nature and Culture” – which “features six artists whose works highlight the underlying presence of subjectivity in all objective understanding. Starting with the depiction of realistic figures — be these painted or photographed — each work shows us how the hand of the artist ineluctably deviates from purely factual descriptions, delineating a world of imagined truth.”

Artist Zie Otto's "Americanoh-New Glory Blue Sung Water" - Photo Montage on Textured Fine Art Paper (Part of "Encounters: Nature and Culture" at Agora Gallery)

Artist Zie Otto’s “Americanoh-New Glory Blue Sung Water” – Photo Montage on Textured Fine Art Paper (Part of “Encounters: Nature and Culture” at Agora Gallery) –

 What exhibits have you seen lately?

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