Chelsea’s Carter Burden Gallery Shows Age is Not a Burden

The New York Times just profiled Chelsea’s Carter Burden Gallery, where value is placed on experience over youth.

Located at 548 West 28th Street, Carter Burden does not accept artists under 60. 

The gallery began several years ago when Ms. Vaccaro decided that someone should counter an art world problem: Older, lesser-known artists were being passed by just because they were, yes, older.”.. “

The mission of the gallery is to showcase diverse and unique art from New Yorker artists and “to create a dialogue with the arts community supporting our belief that older, lesser-known artists must not be overlooked due to age or decreased marketability in the current art scene.”

Yelp reviewers are universally impressed with the gallery – and it has a 5 star rating with comments like: “Their mission is so inspiring, and the artists and the work are AMAZING” and “Skip the pretentiousness that often clings to the art world. Go to a gallery where the seasoned artists exhibiting are less concerned with the trappings of the scene than they are with simply telling their stories through a broad spectrum of media”.

Carter Burden Gallery in Chelsea

Artist Angela Valeria (from @carter_burden_gallery on Instagram)


Carter Burden Gallery in Chelsea

“Adorned with iron railroad spikes “Olympiad” personifies the game of life: the training, struggle, victory and loss associated with being an Olympic athlete.” (from @carter_burden_gallery on Instagram)


Carter Burden Gallery in Chelsea

“Marilyn Church’s unique journey as an artist includes being a courtroom artist since 1974. Over the years, her very public courtroom drawings have become intertwined with her painting practice.” (from @carter_burden_gallery on Instagram)


Carter Burden Gallery in Chelsea

“Elton Tucker wrote about this work, ‘These two vibrant and energized mixed media pieces ‘Expressing My Joy’ and ‘Freedom Land’ were created to live and celebrate each moment of life in the spirit of joy, peace, and love. To inspire a world of diversity in unity and strength. Freedom to be who you are. A healing of the soul and spirit. An act of kindness. A life of happiness, fun, and exploring new horizons.'” (from @carter_burden_gallery on Instagram)


Carter Burden Gallery in Chelsea

Artist Allen Hansen (from @carter_burden_gallery on Instagram)

Their current exhibit, Summer in the City “celebrates the early days of summer by presenting the recent works of 14 gallery artists”. It’s on display until July 20th.

And from July 27th to August 17th, the gallery will have a “12 X 12 Group Show“.

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