Improv, Comedy & Storytelling at Nearby People’s Improv Theatre

The Vanguard Chelsea is just a 10 minute walk from one of the best places to see improv! The People’s Improv Theatre, (often known as “The Pit”) has shows nightly (8-10 a night!).

The People's Improv Theatre

(From @thepitnyc on Instagram. Photo by: @devheater)

Many of the shows are improvised – and few things are as exciting or unique as watching a one-of-a-kind show.

Improvisers often spin comedic gold, simply from audience suggestions (and with plenty of improvising experience).

The PIT also has other ongoing shows, like sketch, variety, and acclaimed comedy/musical performances that have a limited run (Blogologues ran here). And, if you want to try your hand at performing, there are also open mics and jams.

Plus, you can hang out with the artists after the shows and have a beer at the venue’s Love Bar.

And, in July, it’s the site of StoryFest 2017! (July 14th – 16th)

“Last year’s inaugural StoryFest was a solid sold-out weekend. Curated by The PIT in tandem with international storyteller Harmon Leon (TALE, Big Fat Racist Show), StoryFest is a three-day festival that celebrates the very best of the NYC storytelling scene.”

 Storyfest 2017 - at The People's Improv Theatre

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