Mouthwatering Miznon in the Market

Miznon in Chelsea Market opened in February – and people can’t get enough of the homemade pita and its delectable fillings.

Swoons The New Yorker:

“It seems almost unfair to compare Miznon pita to any other pita. Miznon pita is plush, Miznon pita is pillowy—I would happily take a nap on a stack of Miznon pita. It’s as stretchy and pliant as Neapolitan pizza dough, its surface similarly taut and golden brown, glistening ever so slightly with oil. It cradles whatever you stuff it with as supportively as a hammock, efficiently absorbing the flavors of herb-flecked ground-lamb kebab, roasted mushrooms, or spicy fish stew.”

Chef Eyal Shani owns 14 restaurants around the world and the pitas are a hit all over. “The formula is closer to a pancake than a pita, but it’s baked under the conditions of a pita.” (New York Post)

It’s also revered for its whole roasted cauliflower.

Take a look at the menu and then head over to pick up your latest lunch love affair.

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