Pawned on the High Line

Be a pawn in a game – and have fun doing it!

On the High Line, there’s an interactive chess game that can be played with friends you bring – or by ones you make in order to play.

Created by Artist Darren Bader, “chess: relatives” allows you to be a chess piece and invites you to question the concept of art and what is considered an art object.

Played by 2 people who move the pieces, this game is “one of the most interactive artworks exhibited on the High Line” and “will spark new connections, conversations, and debate amongst visitors.”  

The title “relatives” refers to both how we relate to each other, and also our familiar relationships, as you become a particular game piece relative to actual relatives (who may or may not be present).

For instance, “Knights identify as either mothers, great aunts or sons” while Bishops are either “grandchildren, grandmothers, or brothers-in-law”.

The game can be played during all High Line open hours, from now until April 2018.

From High Line Art’s Instagram (@highlineartnyc): “Darren Bader’s #ChessRelatives game in action! Open to the public. To play, gather 32 people to become chess pieces (we encourage asking other @highlinenyc visitors to join for the game) with 2 additional people who will play the human “pieces.” The people are positioned according to their familial relationships to others. Come out and play!”


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