Sumptuously Summer – at Eataly

At nearby Eataly in Flatiron, you can sign up for some sensational summer cooking classes:

  • At “Summer in Capri & Ischia: A 4-Course Chef’s Table“, discover the dishes of these islands of romance – paired with wines – and get the chance to make new friends at the communal table! 
  • Tuscany’s Summer Bounty: A 4-Course Chef’s Table”, allows you to enjoy Tuscan food’s noble simplicity and the “ability to really celebrate the freshest ingredients available. Summer is a wonderful season to try some of the more traditional dishes at their best.”
  • Summer Vegetarian Cooking“, teaches you how to eat “in season”, creating Italian vegetarian dishes and learning about the perfect wine pairings.
  • Escape the Heat with Rosé Wines” which are designed for summer weather – while tasting Antipasti dishes created to compliment the rosé.
  • Summer Grilling Italian Style” is a brand new class exploring, “Italy’s own unique traditions of the flame: la griglia Italiana (the Italian grill) as our resident Chef of La Scuola demonstrates 3 dishes grilled to perfection. Paired with good wine and great company it’s sure to be a summer favorite!”
  • In, “The Art of Summer Risotto“, you’ll learn how to make Risotto, one of the most versatile Italian dishes.
  • Hands-On Italian Summer Desserts” teaches you to prepare “simple, yet classic Italian desserts that are sweet and refreshing in the summer heat”.

Tell us which food – and class – you’re craving!

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