Time Out Recommends Chelsea for Crullers, Chinese and more

We’re far from alone in our love for all things Chelsea: Time Out has three of the neighborhood’s delectable places on its “Best in the city” lists. 

Best Donut Shops in New York City” has two local sweet spots: Sullivan Street Bakery & Donut Pub.

At Sullivan: “The showstopper is the airy bomboloni, a gem at $3.50, filled with super-light vanilla-bean custard, flecked with lemon zest and sprinkled with powdered sugar” while they recommend the Cruller at the 24-hr Donut Pub, which also has: “Palm-size apple fritters, honey-dipped yeast doughnuts and Boston creams lacquered with chocolate icing are on offer any time of day or night”.

Bomboloni Donut - at Sullivan Street Bakery in Chelsea

“Sweet things. #bomboloni with jam.” (via Sullivan Street’s Instagram: @sullivanstreetbakery)


Craving more spicy than savory? Time Out selected the area’s “Grand Sichuan” as one of NYC’s “Best Chinese Restaurants

“Zhang brought real-deal Szechuan food to Chelsea when he opened a branch there in 1998. His menu passionately describes the history and cooking process behind each dish, providing diners a comprehensive primer on the feast to come. Start with a sinus-clearing bowl of dandan noodles, loaded with dried peppercorns, or opt for the addictive gui zhou chicken, which combines dry-fried hot chilies and tongue-tingling Szechuan peppercorns, without a drop of gloopy sauce. If you’re looking for something milder, order a basket of eight succulent pork soup dumplings.”

If you need a dose of extreme heat to battle the winter cold, there’s the braised slice beef with chili sauce which comes with Time Out’s warning:  “This inferno-on-a-plate is not for the faint of heart.”

ean curd with beef, braised beef with chili oil, eggplant with pork - at Grand Sichuan in Chelsea

(Photo by Miss J. on Yelp) Bean curd with beef, braised beef with chili oil, eggplant with pork.

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