Vodka or Wine: In Chelsea, It’s Divine

Vodka or wine: What’s your pleasure? 

Chelsea has many options for buying both – but few are as appealing as Our/New York (151 West 26th St) and Empire State of Wine (111 West 20th St).

Chelsea Now” recently profiled Empire State of Wine, touting it’s lack of price-hike or intimidation: Wine is displayed with the information about it – as well as its American Wine Critics’ rating – so its less of a mystery to a non-connoisseur.

And as far as price is concerned:

“Because of his years of experience, relationships with wineries and expert knowledge of seemingly every grape all over the world, [owner] Le Gerrac is able to buy directly from the winery, avoiding markups added by suppliers and greatly reducing the cost per bottle to the customer. To illustrate this, he pointed to a bottle of 2015 Beaujolais that he sells in the store for $18.”

Wine bottles - at Empire State of Wine in Chelsea

“Three different soils of #sancerrewine silex, calcaire, Marne kimmerege” – From Empire State of Wine’s Instagram

AM New York wrote about the recently opened Our/New York.

The distillery creates specialty award-winning vodkas unique to each city, sourcing the ingredients as locally as possible.

“The Our/Vodka spirits use the same wheat-based distillate from Sweden (“That is the secret sauce,” Ortiz says). But otherwise the ingredients are localized, from the wheat or corn base to the water.

Our/NewYork is made from a corn-based ethanol and, of course, New York City tap water, which is 60 percent of the product.

The resulting New York-made vodka has a slight floral note, is 80 proof and costs $22.99 a bottle.”

Our/New York also plans to host events. 


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