Bringing New Life to History

The Rubin Museum is idyllic for education and contemplation in the city.

From the site’s comments:

“I have been to the Rubin Museum many times and have loved each visit. …I think the Rubin Museum is one of the best and most mind-challenging Museums in New York City.”


“I visit Rubin Museum for sheer bliss of being there, to contemplate on life at the Tibetan Shrine Room, to reconnect myself with my roots and to admire again the amazing exhibits there. Thank you RMA for this oasis of tranquility in the middle of NYC’s pulsating lifestyle.”

In addition to the wonderful workshops and Himalyan art, this beautiful Chelsea museum features truly original exhibits, like Chitra Ganesh’s “The Scorpion Gesture” which runs until January 7th.

From Chitra Ganesh’s new series The Scorpion Gesture - at the Rubin Museum

From Chitra Ganesh’s new series The Scorpion Gesture – at the Rubin Museum (

“The mudra known as the scorpion gesture is said to have unlimited power and potential for transformation. Your presence will transform the Rubin galleries in Chitra Ganesh’s new series The Scorpion Gesture, causing her large-scale animations to appear as if by magic when you walk by select artworks.”

Ganesh employs animation to give viewers the tools to better understand what they are seeing, so they truly take in the information – which, as she explains in this video, is not always the case with historical-based art and ideas:

“The animations build on Ganesh’s longstanding investigation of mythology, imagery, and narrative in her multidisciplinary practice, integrating her drawings with elements from the Rubin’s collection.”

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