Emily Klima’s Work Balances Structure and Chaos

Emily Klima will be hosting an open studio at her studio gallery this month!

Emily Klima Painting

Emily is a visual artist based in New York City. Her paintings are “recognizable by her particular flurry of color and energy, alive with drips and splatters, layers and texture.”

Emily Klima Painting

Emily Klima Painting

She received a BFA  at the School of Fine Arts at Boston University, and studied at the renowned NYC art institutions of the Parsons School of Design, the School of Visual Arts and the National Academy of Fine Arts.

Emily began her career as an art director for various fashion publications and is a successful graphic designer whose work has been featured in GQ, Seventeen, Condé Nast Publications, Harper’s BAZAAR, and Mademoiselle. 

Her passion is painting, which she found herself rediscovering several years ago, and where she explores painting’s inherently raw power.

The work balances the aesthetic structure of her formal art education with the creativity that comes with free reign.

Her art contains:

Layered bursts of brilliant acrylic color hold collage elements—mixed media such as typography and free-associative writing, and other media, such as resin and tape.”

Emily Klima Painting

“Her engagement of formal aesthetic principles balance the dualities she embraces: order and chaos/discipline and freedom. ”  

Visit her open studio May 18th to the 20th at Reis Studios, located in the heart of Long Island City (and with easy access from many subway lines).

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