Incredible Illusions and Marvelous Magic – in Chelsea

The magic of… magic awaits you in our neighborhood: Discover how your mind tricks you at two new museums in Chelsea!

Head to the Museum of Illusions for a fascinating adventure of the senses!

Prepare for your world to be turned upside down – in the most fun (and educational) way, in this “unique place for new experiences and fun with friends and family,” which has over 70 exhibits.

Illusions, tricks, holograms and brain teasers “will teach you about vision, perception, the human brain and science so it will be easier to perceive why your eyes see things which your brain cannot understand.”

Girl appearing to be in midair - room at The Museum of Illusions in New York in Chelsea

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If you’re looking for great photo opportunities, the New York Magic Lab has a number of interactive installations in rooms for you to explore, like the“Magic Lab”, “Poker tunnel”, and “The wander space”.

It’s “powered by the latest emerging technologies including Augmented Reality (AR), Projection Mapping and Holograms to revolutionize pop-up art installation industry and elevate immersive art experience to a next level.”

Discounts ticket are available for seniors and children under 10 with valid ID. (Children age 3 & under do not need a ticket.)

Room with giant playing cards - in New York Magic Lab - in Chelsea

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These museums provide exciting experiences for you and your kids. And you can always pretend to understand the tricks before they do. 

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