Tenderly Tethered to Machines? High Line’s New Exhibit Explores

The High Line continues its tradition of exhibiting exciting new works of art on a theme – this time tackling our entanglement with technology:

Machines of Loving Grace is an exhibition in video format featuring three artists who address contemporary and historical technologies and their eerie and shifting relationships with humans.”

The exhibit runs on the High Line at 14th Street every night beginning at dusk until January 2, 2019 and features works by: Nat Castañeda (b. Santa Barbara, California, Aura Satz (b. Barcelona, Spain), and Erica Scourti (b. Athens, Greece). The pieces span several subjects, e.g.: The role of women in the early days of computing and ballistics,  television static, and finally, the representation of self within ones online presence.

The title, which comes from a Richard Brautigan poem, ‘All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace’ from 1967, touches upon Brautigan’s before-his-time vision for a ‘cybernetic ecology’ in which humans and computers live in “programming harmony.” He seemed to have predicted the future, or rather, the present that we’re currently living.’

Robotic Flower Aura Satz, Between the Bullet and the Hole, 2015 (still) - from "Machines of Loving Grace" on the High Line.

From thehighline.org: Aura Satz, Between the Bullet and the Hole, 2015 (still). Courtesy of the artist.

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